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A small arts organisation creating and showing 
art with both modern and contemporary values
From 9th to 25th November


I enjoy working with the tactile and visceral qualities of clay. I like to work through process 
and observe how different clays behave and what their qualities are when they are worked. 
The tactile nature of the material prompts intuitive exploration which connects me 
to a natural timelessness of the natural world. I often enjoy the raw immediacy
 of the clay’s fired texture and often leave it unglazed.
by Kath McDonald


An exhibition of Abstract Photography and mixed media
by Roy Smith

Our Earth - Losing Ground

Our Earth - Losing Ground is an exhibition of paintings created to illustrate the Earth as a finite resource.
With the recently re-emerged threat of fracking to our area, it seemed an appropriate time to put these paintings
 together in an exhibition. While some of the paintings directly relate to fracking, albeit in a symbolic form, many relate in
a more general way to how capitalist driven consumerism is impacting on the ability of the Earth and its biosphere
 to support, in a sustainable way, our continued existence. 

Within the context of our solar system, the Earth will continue to revolve around
 the Sun, largely unaffected by the exploits of mankind.  However, at a human level, Our Earth is diminishing
 in its ability to sustain humanity. The paintings are intended to act as a metaphor in the form of floating island
 like objects surrounded by a space devoid of any tangible structures. 

The island form therefore is symbolic of a reduced ability 
to deliver in the face of increased demand:  the results are environmental 
damage, global warming and extinction of species …
by Roy Smith.


and more to come
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Activities at King Street Studios
More to follow

King Street Studios is a small arts organisation creating and showing art with both modern and contemporary values. 

Our exhibition space will host up to twelve exhibitions a year. These will be by invitation and through working closely with other curators and artist led groups around the North West and  further afield.

Working in and around the exhibitions there will also be classes, workshops and other events related to the arts. 

Kath McDonald and Roy Smith

Kath McDonald
I enjoy working with process, both via the tactile nature of clay, and the varying mental processes involved in drawing .

Roy Smith
Painting and drawing provide a form , beyond words, for expressing my thoughts, feelings and observations of our world.

My name is Laura van Tatenhove. I am a Lancaster based artist, working primarily in oil paint but with a postgraduate degree in painting and printmaking and an interest in sculpture and drawing. My tendency is to work in a focused and serial manner with a single motif. Whilst a personal ‘felt’ connection to my subject matter is imperative the effect I have always sought in my work is one of distance or objectivity. As far back as I can remember my aim has been to make paintings that are inspired, deeply felt and demonstrate the wonder of visual impressions and sense perception in a manner that is not distorted or clouded by my emotional response or by expressive mannerisms. That is not to say I want my works to be illustrative, far from it in fact. I have always wanted my paintings to be realistic, but a form of realism that captures the visual appearance of the motif with tight precision, recognises the changes that take place to the motif as it is subjected to time and space and resonates with metaphoric and allegorical significance. This commitment to painting the motif in a way that is accurate and true to life is at the core of my practice.
Debbie Yare:
Spending time outdoors and developing my awareness of the landscape is an essential part of my life. For many years now, I have pursued this through an ongoing process of walking, exploration and creativity. Over time I have come to know the landscape that surrounds my home on Morecambe Bay intimately, yet each visit brings something new. My walks in these familiar surrounds are strongly felt, meaningful experiences that contribute to a constantly evolving 'sense of place'. I see this as a mingling of the physical appearance of a landscape; with history, memories and stories; and the inexplicable emotions that certain places bring which linger in the mind and create a sense of belonging. 
Whilst walking in the landscape I respond to my experiences directly by making photographs and drawings. From these initial explorations, I continue to make paintings in the studio, adopting a more carefully considered approach. I'd like to convey the intensity of feeling of these lived experiences, whilst maintaining a commitment to painting the landscape and the physical characteristics that make each place unique.


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